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Directions to Hamilton Dog Spaw and Business Hours

About the Owner

Heather Begin has been a professional dog groomer for over 15 years. She began her career in pet care while working for the SPCA and went on to dog grooming at a private salon. During that time she took some time off and went to London Ontario to study professional grooming and earned her diploma in 1997.

Picture of Heather's Professional Pet Stylist Diploma

Heather’s professional pet stylist diploma

During her studies Heather didn’t just learn how to give a dog a bath and a haircut – she mastered CKC breed history, canine cynology, the intricacies of dog show standards and how to prepare a dog to exceed them. For additional credit she also took animal first aid, animal health and handling and served as a veterinary clinical assistant as part of her internship.

Like so many of us, Heather has had a lifelong passion for caring for animals and that passion shines through in the way she cares for her clients dogs. She is more than a dog care professional, she is also a loving dog owner herself and really gives her clients the old Golden Rule treatment: Treat others as you’d treat your own.

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After spending many years mastering the dog grooming trade at another salon it was time for Heather to do as the best proteges do and build a salon of her own. Combining the best elements of the fine traditions of the salon she came up in with her own innovations she now proudly serves her clients at the Hamilton Dog Spaw, the newest total care dog groomers with a fully certified stylist in the city.

The difference between a salon like Hamilton Dog Spaw and big box pet centres is simple: Hamilton Dog Spaw has Heather and her 15 years experience in the trade, someone who truly cares about the trade and about your dog and who will never treat the trade like an assembly line nor charge extravagant rates. You get best quality service from a trained professional that you know and who understands your dog and you get it at a fair price.

Give your best friend some extra loving care and book an appointment today! Click here for booking information.

Our Team

Tina Prowse

Tina is a graduate of Sheraton College Animal Care course. She completed her co op at the vet clinic of the HSPCA and at our Dog Spaw. Tina has a great knowledge of health issues for dogs and cats and is available to answer any questions regarding training, puppies, vaccinations, allergies and other medical problems. Tina lives in Hamilton with her family and rescued friend “Sunni”.




Mary Auclair

Trained under a champion show groomer,┬áMary has been grooming for 15 years. She specializes in show clips and hand scissoring . Mary can also groom cats. She trims nails on dogs but also birds guinea pigs and rabbits. She lives in Hamilton with her family and Jack Russell “Leo”.

Mary Auclair site pic

Directions to Hamilton Dog Spaw and Business Hours

We are located at 1463 Main St. East, Hamilton Ontario and open from 9 to 5, Tuesday to Saturday.
Municipal parking is conveniently located right on the corner of Main and Garside.

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